Project Description

Treating water at a winery presents a particular challenge. We often disinfect our systems with bleach and chlorine, but there could not be any chlorine in the building as even a trace of it in the air would interfere with the process of making their wine.  We also had to consider maintaining water quality for three different uses; there is domestic water use, irrigation, and fire suppression. All this water comes from the same well but is pumped, treated, and stored in different ways.

We had to think differently about this facility. Our expertise in customizing water treatment systems for complex problems in large or small businesses is just one of the things that makes us the leaders in commercial water treatment in the region.

Read more about our treatment at LaBelle Winery.

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Project Details

  • Client LaBelle Winery
  • Date August 30, 2012
  • Tags Wineries & Breweries
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