Commercial Customer Highlight: We Keep The Water Flowing At The Hampton Inn, Westford, MA

Water Treatment For Hotels

Here at Secondwind Water Systems we work with quite a few hotels throughout the region. Treatment at these sites ranges from preventing staining of appliances and linens all the way to ensuring clean water flows consistently. Commercial water treatment often focuses on protecting equipment. In this month’s commercial customer highlight, we share the story of how we helped the Hampton Inn in Westford, MA. In this case, we helped them to treat moderately hard water that was causing a lot of headaches for this hospitality business.

Hotels Use A Lot Of Water

The Hampton Inn has 110 guest rooms and uses 70 plus GPM (gallons per minute). Water is central to ensuring a great guest experience. Whether it’s making sure rooms are spotless, to laundering large amounts of linens, to providing clean drinking water, a consistent and steady flow of clean water is a must.  If there are water quality problems at a hotel, it can cause a lot of headaches since water touches so many aspects of the business.

The Water Problem

The Hampton Inn has moderately hard water. Even moderately hard water can wreak havoc in a setting like this. Because hotels use so much water, and hot water at that, their hot water tanks are some of their most important pieces of equipment. Hard water can damage them. This was the case at the Hampton Inn. They experienced two hot water tank failures. Hot water tanks are not inexpensive, and so the inn wanted to be sure that this didn’t happen in the future.

Secondwind was brought in after the inn received a quote for a solution from another company that only allowed them to lease the equipment. They wanted to purchase their equipment. It had been suggested to them that they invest in a water softener to treat their hard water.

The Secondwind Solution For The Hampton Inn

After discussing the company’s budget and other needs, we ended up implementing a Kinetico Hydrus 218 softener installation for hardness removal and protection of the hot water system. It has a twin tank design which provides treated water for the inn 24/7. It is able to do this because one tank is cleaning itself as the other continues to soften the water, thus the twin-tank design. The system has a high-flow rate capable of 70+ gallons per minute with no pressure loss.

We able to fit the cost of the equipment into this company’s remaining 2017 budget. We did this by designing the system to only treat the hot water heaters. For this reason the system was much smaller than other options and saved them a lot of money. In many cases calcium and hard water only do their damage when they become heated, so we opted for this option of only treating for the hot water tanks.

We’re proud to say that we completed the install with minimal shut down for the hotel. The water was off for less than 2 hours. We scheduled it at a time so there would be minimal to no impact on the guests and staff.

Commercial Water Systems And Processes Customized To Your Business In NH, MA

When it comes to commercial water treatment, every business is different. There simply is not a one-size-fits-all option. Secodnwind Water Systems specializes in customized commercial water treatment applications that fit your business needs and budget. Contact us today for a no-obligation site analysis.