Why do we offer free* water tests?

Some Water issues are obvious, but many are invisible. There are so many things that contribute to your water quality. There is a possibility of contamination, aging water pipes to your home, the plumbing in your home, and the actual water chemistry. Many don’t realize that water quality is different from region to region, state to state, town to town and even street to street! As a local company servicing NH families for over 25 years, we are experts in water issues throughout the state. Get a free water test today.

*Free water test does not include health issue testing. We are happy to test for health issues at an additional cost. The state also provides affordable testing for health issues. 

What do you get?

The starting point for improving your water quality is testing. Laboratory testing is excellent and often required, but in order to recommend treatment, we must do some on-site testing, as certain parameters change when the water sits. Our in-home test is conducted by one of our friendly and accessible Water Quality Association Certified Water Specialists. When we come to your home we will: 

icon-checkCertified Water Specialist

Your Certified Water Specialist will listen carefully as you describe your concerns, examine any symptoms of your water quality issues and answer all of your questions.

On-Site Water Testingicon-test

Perform on-site water testing and explain the results in a way you are able to understand. Offer you a straightforward explanation of your options and a frank discussion of the pros and cons of each.

Plumbing Auditicon-plumbing

Review plumbing to insure the best installation and layout of your system, following our set of design principles geared to ease of operation and serviceability.

                           Learn about the region’s most common water problems and how they affect your family’s health and quality of life.
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