Operating and Maintaining Your Own Public Water System

Operating and maintaining your own public water system can be daunting. To many businesses and organizations, the compliance paperwork alone is overwhelming. For this reason, many public water system owners hire a certified public water system operator.

More than Collecting Water Samples

Can’t I just test my water and do the paperwork myself? Sure. But to Secondwind Water Systems and state regulators, operating and maintaining your public water system is about more than simply collecting water samples and completing federal and state compliance reports.

“You can take the appropriate water samples at the right frequencies and submit the proper state and federal paperwork, but successfully operating and maintaining your public water system requires much more than that,” says Steve Guercia, public water systems manager at Secondwind Water Systems.

The Secondwind Water Systems Difference

“As a water treatment company, we pay more attention to the actual results of the water samples we collect. We take the time to examine the numbers to see if there are any historical changes that could indicate future problems with the system,” Guercia points out. He recalls one customer in Old Conway Village. Based on Guercia’s knowledge of their system, and the historical data that had been collected, he determined it had a leak. This leak had gone undetected for six months. Had their existing operator properly managed their system, the leak would have been discovered within 30 days of occurring.

By identifying and addressing problems before they become serious, Guercia and the Secondwind team potentially save their customers thousands of dollars. “We really see our ourselves as technical advocates and advisors to our clients. This is what separates Secondwind from other companies that provide public water system operator services,” Guercia adds.

Challenges of Operating Your Own Public Water System

Between serving the needs of your customers, hiring and managing your workforce, promoting your business, and staying ahead of the competition, you may lack the bandwidth required for operating and maintaining your public water system. And there’s a lot at stake. Without proper record-keeping and compliance, and ongoing analysis and oversight of your system, you could end up spending thousands of dollars in fines, maintenance, redesign, and repair.

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Public Water System Operator Services in New Hampshire

Whether you oversee the public water system for a school, hospital, restaurant, office complex, strip malls, housing developments, apartments or condos, the professionals at Secondwind Water Systems can help you meet complex state and federal reporting requirements and ensure the long-term safety and successful operation of your system. Contact us today to learn more about the Secondwind Difference!