Proprietary Water Treatment Equipment

What’s So Bad About Purchasing A Proprietary Brand of Water Treatment Equipment?

Occasionally during the sales process someone will mention that another company told them to be wary of buying water treatment equipment from a company carrying a proprietary brand.  The fear is that your service options are limited and that you are forced to use only one local company.

Before you rush to choose another company simply because their products are not proprietary, remember that water treatment is not a one transaction purchase.  You are embarking on a long-term relationship and we believe it makes sense to choose a company for its experience, knowledge, and level of customer service as well as the quality of the brand of equipment it offers. Secondwind is a local company that’s been in business for almost 30 years and is in business because we’ve spent all those years taking care of our customers as if they were our own family and friends.

Why is some equipment proprietary?

Companies that put a lot of resources into their engineering will usually end up with superior products.  In the water treatment field this can mean more efficiency, greater reliability and longevity.

The manufacturers will often distribute these products through a specially selected group of dealers because they want to be sure that the product is being sold and serviced by trained people with a high set of ethics and values.  They may want to control the quality level of their dealer base and ensure a high level of consistency and professionalism.  So, when you choose to do business with a company representing these proprietary brands, some of the selection work has already been done for you, and your probability of dealing with trained and knowledgeable staff is very high.

Some non-proprietary brands of water treatment equipment are manufactured specifically for the broader market.  Anyone can get the units and anyone can get parts.  While many of these brands are good workhorses, they do not have the level of sophisticated engineering behind them that would make them notable in features or efficiency or safety.  They are generally engineered for low cost and simplicity which often does not lead to great performance.

Kinetico products are made in the USA and individually tested in Newbury, Ohio.

When it comes to treating the water you are going to drink and run your home or business with, we believe, strongly, that it makes sense to choose a brand and company that has put decades into making sure that you will have the best water possible.  All of us here at Secondwind take pride in doing just that and ensuring clean, safe, great-tasting water for your home or business. Contact us today for a free water test.