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Treatment Design Services

Our NH Certified Public Water Operators thoroughly evaluate your site and design a customized solution just for you.  We manage any studies, permitting, and approval processes, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your priorities.  


Certified Operator Service

We offer comprehensive technical management of small public water systems.  In addition to providing 24/7 support and services, we  act as your advocate, representing you and your system in all matters concerning operation, health, water quality and compliance.


System Administration

We’ll handle all the red tape for you. We are experts in the requirements, reporting, and compliance that accompanies managing a public water supply. Use us for this stand-alone service, or include it with our other public water offerings.

Partnering With Professionals

We are certified water supply experts so you don’t have to be.  Is your water system or its users affected by, corrosion, staining, bacteria, health issues, bad taste, odor, inconsistent quality, color and/or high operating costs? If so, we can help.

When you hire Secondwind to operate your public water supply, we create a personalized plan for you that can range from a simple, safe operations plan to a comprehensive 24/7 facilities management plan. From simple systems, to complex, you can count on us to be your single point of contact for your water system.  We are also happy to work with your current operator to create a plan that will make water quality management something you can check off of your list.

There is no charge for the initial site evaluation.  

We Are Certified

  • 2 Licensed Water Treatment / Distribution Operators, Level 2
  • 1 Licensed Water Treatment / Distribution Operator, Level 1
  • 4 Licensed Water Treatment / Distribution Operators, Level 1A
  • 5 Licensed State of NH Water Treatment Installer Technicians
  • Water Quality Association Certified
  • OSHA Certified

Why Choose Us?

icon-stateGovernment Relations

We have a solid and long-standing relationship with the NH Department of Environmental Services.  We will manage all communication with NHDES, resolve any problems and represent your system at all NHDES sanitary surveys. This strong relationship we have with the state benefits our customers in innumerable ways.


We manage and maintain your entire water system from well to distribution. We continue sampling and managing all of your test results. We will assist you in developing realistic and feasible budgets, as well as assist you in financial and capital improvement planning.

icon-clock24/7 Emergency Coverage

We use the most technically advanced monitoring systems, alarms and sensors, meters and measuring devices that keep us up on your system 24/7 with online access to critical information and email and text alerts for alarms. We monitor and test pumps, piping, wells, storage tanks, valves, temperature, and more.

icon-shieldSafe Water

Your water and that of your consumers will be safe.  We offer the highest quality sanitation and disinfection systems and services in the region.  Our systematized monitoring and testing ensures that even if the water changes, you will still meet all requirements and guidelines set out by state and federal governments.

Systems Info. Protectionicon-safe

We employ many different procedures and processes to protect your system information. Thorough documentation through operations and maintenance manuals, emergency plans, site drawings, and onsite logs keeps everyone on the same page and allows for people to step in, understand what is going on, and solve any problems that may arise.

icon-checkProfessional Services

We are certified Grade II certified operators with OSHA and agency compliance.  Our Water Quality Association certification ensures the most recent and up to date technical and scientific knowledge and expertise. We offer professional engineering and licensed plumbers and pump installers.


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