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If your water smells like chlorine, rotten eggs, metallic, dirt, or is cloudy in appearance, there are solutions. Pure water is possible.

Because every home is different, in order to recommend a system for odor in your water, we offer a free site evaluation, do some testing, learn about your water use patterns and your preferences. From that we can make some recommendations and make sure you understand them.

If you are at a point where you would prefer to ask some questions by phone or email, we are happy to answer all of them!

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We are a New Hampshire, family operated, woman-owned business. Secondwind Water Systems opened our doors in 1989, and twenty-five years later serve over 10,000 residential and commercial customers, and manage 130 small public water supplies.

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You will work with a Certified Water Specialist who will be responsive and honest. We do an in-depth water analysis and evaluate site conditions relevant to your water treatment system. We are passionate about solving the toughest water quality challenges.

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With our commitment to exceptional customer service, technical expertise, and intimate knowledge of the region’s water quality issues, you can count on us to ensure that you love your water for years to come.

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From start to finish they exceeded my expectations. My hard earned money was well spent on my new Kinetico system, making our water safer for my family. I am stunned by their attention to detail and fantastic customer service. I would give more stars if I could!
Dani Peasley, Contoocook, NH
Water treatment may seem like a small piece of the puzzle, but it’s actually critically important to our work. I wouldn’t choose any company other than Secondwind.
Bonnie Lewis, Lake Sunapee Protection Association
THANK YOU!!! for everything. You and Shane were both very professional and excellent at explaining and answering questions. I am really impressed with how simple and self explanatory the system is. The warranty and your customer service are added reassurance. I wish I had found you years ago.
Brenda Cullinane, Wilmington, NH

Frequently Asked Question

Why does my water smell like sulfur, or rotten eggs?

Many homes in the region are plagued by a rotten egg or sulfur smell in their water. This is hydrogen sulfide, which can be caused by the metabolism of a non-harmful bacteria called “sulfate reducing bacteria.” In this area we also have hydrogen sulfide gas that is caused by a natural chemical reaction in deep wells. The characteristics of these two types differ, but in both cases the resulting odor is certainly unpleasant.

In some cases the odor is intermittent, building up while the water sits and flushing out with use. In other cases it is constant and can be quite overwhelming. In this region the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas is not a health issue, though it dramatically lessens the quality of life for the users of the water supply. We recommend a complete in-home water test.

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