Not all water filters are created equal

Water Filters

Additional water use is common in the summer months and can mean that more sediment is stirred up, which can cause your cartridges to fill up sooner than normal. The type of filter your home requires is determined by your water analysis and relevant to your water treatment system. Be aware of filters you can purchase online or from home improvement stores because not all water filters are created equal.

1. Materials may break down rapidly if you have sulfate reducing bacteria.










2. Materials can get plugged quickly if you have solid material content and use the wrong material/size.

All cartridge filters installed by us are available for purchase through Secondwind Water Systems.  Our staff can retrieve your equipment records and quote the exact filter that was installed with your system.  Most filters are available for shipment or pick-up on the same day.

Changing your water filter

We suggest your cartridge filter needs to be changed when you notice a pressure drop, or 3 times per year if no pressure drop is noted.  The frequency of the filter change is determined by the amount of water used and the solid material content of your water supply. Color alone does not necessarily signify the cartridge needs changing.

Watch how to change your filter here.

If you have any questions regarding your water treatment equipment or water filters, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 603-641-5767.