Business Water Treatment Products

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A successful water treatment system is the result of a thorough site evaluation, the application of intelligent design principles, and the use of well engineered equipment professionally installed and serviced. Secondwind is proud to offer Kinetico’s efficient, reliable and expertly designed commercial water treatment equipment. We complement Kinetico’s offerings with products from a wide variety of high quality vendors, to put together the system that will meet your needs and your budget. Our business water treatment products are engineered for success.

Commercial Plus Softener

An advanced design that offers flexibility in setup and operation. Can be set up in the parallel flow, overdrive configuration for maximum flow rate, or in an alternating configuration for maximum efficiency. Twin tank design provides a continuous supply of treated water.

Commericial Hydrus Softener

The only multi-port commercial valve that uses countercurrent, soft water regeneration right out of the box. Powered by Kinetico’s breakthrough lightweight 2” multiport Hydrus valve, the Hydrus Series uses up to 40 percent less salt and reduces wastewater by up to 30 percent.

Hydrus Filter

A modular system that provides high-flow filtration in single, duplex or triplex configurations, powered by Kinetico’s breakthrough lightweight 2” multiport Hydrus valve. Can be installed with the Elite Smart Start, the most advanced controller on the market today, and available with a variety of media.

TS Series Reverse Osmosis

A wall mounted system that accommodates either reverse osmosis or nanofiltration membranes. Produces high-quality water while saving valuable floor space. Optional EverClean Rinse cleans system membranes with high quality reverse osmosis water to extend membrane life and improve water quality.

TL Series Reverse Osmosis

A self-cleaning, skid-mounted system that extends membrane life and maximizes performance. Integral pump-in-tube design combines high output with quiet operation. EverClean Rinse cleans system membrane with high-quality reverse osmosis water, to extend membrane life and improve water quality.

Trojan UVMax

The Trojan UVMax system incorporates the most advanced ultraviolet technology, ensuring that you get a robust, cost-effective, and efficient solution to your disinfection needs.  The elapsed time meter reminds you when it is time for your annual bulb replacement, and the electronic power supply accurately maintains lamp intensity.

Chemical Feed Pump

A small diaphragm or pulse type pump that proportionately injects a variety of products into the water. Typically used for chlorine disinfection or corrosion control. These meter controlled pumps allow very precise control of the amount of product injected into the water.

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