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Why Service?

All mechanical systems need to be maintained. The Preventive Maintenance programs below are like your annual car inspection and oil changes. We check the system and replace the routine expendables. We complete a thorough evaluation form and send it to you so you are aware of the condition of the system and we recommend any short term or long term repairs as needed.

Water treatment systems not only work mechanically, they also have to work chemically and biologically. Routine monitoring of water quality, both treated and untreated, can frequently detect changes that would result in failure if not attended to. Consistent and reliable water treatment is not just about the mechanics, it’s also about the chemistry.

Why Choose Us?

Our Services

Annual Contract Preventive Maintenance

Our best program, this service monitors the mechanical and chemical operation of your water system from well to tap to keep the system running properly all year. Depending on the needs of your site, the system can be inspected one to four times per year. We add salt to softeners, chlorine to day tanks, and we change cartridges. This program minimizes the amount of time you have to monitor your system. The annual contract program is discounted for the term of the contract and also provides discounts on any labor and materials necessary during the year for additional repairs required. This program is invoiced at the time of the contract.

Prescheduled Preventive Maintenance

This program provides the same inspection and maintenance services as the Contract program above, but it does not include the discounts provided under the Contract program. This program can also have one to four appointments per year and each is invoiced at the time the work is done.

Corrective Maintenance

When customers choose not to perform preventive maintenance, invariably, over time, something will break. Although we advise against this approach as it will probably cost more money and time for you in the end, we are there for you when and if this happens. This program is invoiced at the time the work is done.

We Service All Major Brands

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Don’t Take Our Word For It…

I chose Secondwind because a water system needs long-term maintenance, and I wanted to work with a company that focused on quality and customer service. They are responsive and local, so if there is a problem I know it will be handled quickly and properly.
Emeran Langmaid, A&E Coffee Roasters
I’ve looked at competitors systems, and it’s a simple suggestion to call Secondwind. You have good service, for a good price, technically savvy staff, and you’re honest.
Andrea Kenter, GeoInsight Environmental Strategy & Engineering
It’s so nice to know that each spring, I can just pick up the phone, know that I will get a live person to speak with, and that Ryan will be here to do the annual service that allows us to do our work. 
Bonnie Lewis, Lake Sunapee Protective Association
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Our customer service commitment doesn't stop at close of business.  If you have an urgent matter concerning your water treatment, we are here to help.  Contact us any time for 24/7 emergency service by calling the office at 1-800-287-5767