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We’re the water experts, so you don’t have to be.

Secondwind Water Systems partners with architects, realtors, home inspectors, property managers, engineers, builders and mechanical contractors to provide the highest quality water systems for your clients. We will work with you and your clients in whatever way you request.  You can be the point person for their water quality, or we can. Over twenty-five years we’ve learned so much about the particularities of each of these types of interactions that you can rely on us to hit the ground running without the need for lots of explanation or hand-holding on your part.

Below, you can learn more about the ways in which common water problems impact your work, how we can help you solve those problems, and the benefit to your clients.  Please involve us early on in your process in order to save time, energy and reduce costs.

Secondwind proudly participates in its broader professional community. You can often find a Secondwind Water Specialist teaching a class to realtors, homebuilders, home inspectors or to other water professionals through the NH Water Works Association, Granite State Rural Water Association, or the State of New Hampshire sponsored Department of Environmental Services training events.  We are also involved in NH’s BNI network.

Contact Marie Degulis to schedule a realtor or home inspector training by calling the office at 603-641-5767.

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