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Are you planning for water quality in the designs and solutions for your clients?  Thinking about water quality from the start will head off problems, and additional expense, down the road. Water quality matters for your success.

With over twenty years of experience in treating water that has been impacted by spills of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or contamination from synthetic organic compounds (SOCs), Secondwind Water Systems is your local source for specialty water treatment.

Secondwind helps with the design and installation of robust water systems for companies, schools, and other entities that are on a small public water supply and have to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

Gasoline and MTBE contamination is a big problem in NH, and we’ve developed cost effective ways to deal with it. We also offer a wide array of treatment technologies for your clients needing high purity water, corrosion control or just water that tastes, smells or looks better.

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(NH, Southern ME & northern MA) Secondwind has a reputation for providing technically advanced and environmentally sensitive solutions for health, aesthetic, and functional related concerns. We are NH’s only authorized Kinetico dealer, providing well engineered, reliable, and efficient systems for over 25-years. We are a NH based, family owned company, so we know water in the region.


(NH, VT, ME and MA) Secondwind designs, installs, and services water treatment systems for employees, businesses, and manufacturing processes using the most up-to-date technologies and sound engineering principles. Our systems are designed with a priority on the lowest amount maintenance possible.

Public Water Supplies

We design, manage, and operate small public water systems according to EPA standards. Our Licensed Public Water Treatment Operators provide the following services:

New Hampshire:  Sampling agent services and certified operator services. Waiver applications. State design submittal and approval.

New England: Corrosion control studies and systems. Consulting on system design and site specific problems. Operation, maintenance and PM of treatment systems.

How We Work

Client Sharing

We partner with you on client installation and service. In this relationship, we each do what we do best.

Client Subcontracting

We become your subcontractor while you handle full communication with your client.

Client Referral

We work directly with your clients on your recommendation. We take that seriously, and treat the relationship with respect.


We’re the water experts so you don’t have to be. Our water specialists and installers are all Water Quality Association Certified, so you can be sure that we have the most up-to-date and technically relevant knowledge available.
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