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Your role in a client’s home buying process is critical. Many first time, and even experienced, home buyers are often not aware of the importance of their home inspection water quality results. They rely on you to know what to look and test for. And the companies you refer to your customers to solve any problems you find, reflect back on you. We will make you proud!

In addition to supporting all home inspectors, we also have a Secondwind Home Inspector Certification program in which we educate you, without bias, about water quality, water treatment systems, and potential problems.  Secondwind has two Certified Instructors available to teach, “Water Quality Issues of the Region,” “Health Issues in Drinking Water,” and “Water Quality for Home Inspectors,” in support of CEU requirements.

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Plan Early

Our ballpark quotes early in the process will help your customer plan and negotiate for water treatment.

Customized Solutions

A thorough on site evaluation and testing is necessary to provide an accurate preliminary design and quote for water treatment and installation.

Best In The Business

We have the most Water Quality Association Certified water professionals in the state. In fact, we have more than the rest of the state combined, and more.

Benefits of Working With Secondwind

  • You get a thorough evaluation service for existing residential and commercial water treatment systems.
  • Once Evaluation report for existing water treatment equipment available to include in your final report to your customer
  • A knowledgeable, Certified Water Specialist is always available to answer your or your customer’s questions.
  • Expect rapid response to support real estate transaction timelines.
  • Complimentary system walk through for the new homeowner.
  • Aggressive discounts for real estate transactions.
  • Labor and product guarantees that surpass every company in the industry.
  • All installations include a well change guarantee.

Lifetime Relationships

We want to be your customer’s water treatment company for as long as they are in their home, and even when they move. You can rest assured that customer satisfaction is our top priority.  
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