Industrial Water Treatment for Mechanical Contractors

Let’s deliver high quality water to your clients!

Even though water quality impacts many of your clients, they may not see it as a water problem. They probably see it, and maybe you do too, as clogged balancing valves, corroded or jammed equipment, and high ongoing cleaning and maintenance costs. We specialize in industrial water treatment for mechanical contractors and your clients.

A business model that includes Secondwind Water Systems gives you everything you need to deliver the highest quality water treatment to your clients, guaranteed.  Our water quality guarantee is simple: we deliver what we promise, or your money back!

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Client Sharing

We partner with you on client installation and service. In this relationship, we each do what we do best.

Client Subcontracting

We become your subcontractor while you handle full communication with your client.

Client Referral

We work directly with your clients on your recommendation. We take that seriously, and treat the relationship with respect.

How Do We Work Together?

  • Your clients always remain your clients.
  • We engage your clients by your rules. You tell us how you want us to work with them.
  • Communication channels are wide open. We keep you fully informed of our interactions with your clients.
  • Whenever we have product and service improvements, we work with you to apply these upgrades to your business model.
  • We leverage the sale of your products and services while working with your clients.
  • We take responsibility for all water treatment systems and services provided to your clients and guarantee them.
  • We provide you and your clients toll free, 24/7 support and emergency response.


We have more Water Quality Association Certified Water Specialists and Installers than all of the rest of NH combined.
Certified Professionals

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