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Water Softeners

Kinetico Water Softeners provide abundant, clean, soft water on demand. From extremely efficient multi-tank systems powered by the energy of moving water to a more traditional approach, Kinetico covers all options for every budget. Request a Free water test and a Certified Water Specialist will help you determine which of these water softeners are right for you. It’s that easy! Check out our Water Softeners.

Drinking Water Systems

Drinking water quality can no longer be taken for granted. Private well water can be affected by any number of chemical or biological contaminants. Occasionally, even municipal water utilities may fail to meet some aspect of EPA standards . It’s no wonder many of us now think twice before taking a sip from the tap. Bottled water was once a popular alternative, but it’s expensive and creates waste that’s hard on the environment. Check out or Drinking Water Systems.

Specialty & Water Filters

Secondwind offers a wide range of water filtration systems that guard against troublesome elements as well as health contaminants, such as iron, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, odors, arsenic, uranium, radon, bacteria and suspended solids that can make water appear dirty or cloudy. Check out our Specialty Applications and Water Filters.

Our Products

No matter your water problem or budget, Secondwind has answers for you. In fact, we’re so sure that we offer the most reliable, effective and efficient products available, we encourage you to compare us to other water treatment companies and options.

We will conduct a free, thorough water test so you can fully understand the water issues in your home. We then recommend answers tailored to your family, your home and your budget.


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