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This is an emotional issue, and we will support you in making as informed a decision about testing for and treating PFOA as possible. We want to help you trust your water again. All our Water Specialists are certified with the Water Quality Association. We have the most experience solving for tough health-related contaminants across this region.

Our drinking water systems and whole-house treatment systems have come back with non-detectable PFOA and other related contaminants. Contact us today to set up testing or discuss your options. If you are at a point where you would prefer to just ask some questions by phone or email, we are happy to answer all of them!

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Treatment options for PFOA/PFOS

Like most of the health related contaminants we deal with, there is no taste, odor or color associated with PFOA, so the only way to know is to test. Testing PFOA is expensive, the cost is $295 including drawing the samples and delivering them to the lab.

K5 Drinking Water System

Kinetico Drinking Water System Filling Glass

The K5 is our most advanced reverse osmosis system ever. Certified to remove more contaminants than any other system, it can product more than 40 gallons of water a day (nearly three times the industry average,) and deliver it with better pressure and volume than any other residential RO system, without needing an additional pump. And thanks to FlexFiltration, its multistage filtering system is fully customizable and expandable to fit your water’s specific filtration needs should they ever change.

Carbon Adsorber

Adsorber Tank

PFOA & PFOS can be removed using high quality granular activated carbon configured in a filter sized specifically for your water and your home.  The Secondwind adsorber comes with a pre-filter and post test to verify proper performance. Available in many sizes, we will be sure to configure the size that is correct for your home.

Commercial Water Treatment

Filter Hydrus Commercial

Due to the variables at each site, Commercial & Public Water Treatment is always custom configured using a wide range of technologies. We are happy to perform a Site Evaluation and then present your options in detail.

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603 641 5767

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Certified Water Specialists

Our expertise and ongoing education is what sets us apart, 15 of NH’s 17 certified Water Quality Professionals are employed by Secondwind. We have solutions no matter your water problem or budget.